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Political Ignorant Empire; the fashioning of American media. The media’s role is to get information, deliver it to the audience/viewers and then educate with facts. Instead the media are thriving on Americans lack of interest and understanding of basic fundamentals of politics. Politicians and media only need the Americans citizens to just cast their vote and move on until the ... Read More »


Campaign finance is the cancer of this nation. The issue of campaign finance is so outrageous that resolving it to me is the most critical of all ailments of our nation. Please ask yourselves, why the media is not talking so much about this legal corruption. This is the only nation that has changed the meaning and word Bribery to ... Read More »

Report: Jeb Bush aims to raise $100 million in three months

As Jeb Bush’s fundraising machine gathers steam ahead of the former Florida governor’s likely entrance into the 2016 presidential campaign, some of his advisers are setting an ambitious goal of raising $100 million in the first three months of the year. The eye-popping target, which was confirmed by several GOP sources involved with Bush’s fundraising operation, is being presented to ... Read More »

The Possible Presidential Candidate Who Agrees the Most with Pope Francis

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders is Jewish. He’s also the likely 2016 presidential candidate whose political philosophy lines up most closely with the economic and social theories of Pope Francis.   Unlike many leaders who name-drop Pope Francis to score political points—he is, after all, likely the most popular man on the planet—Sanders quotes the Pope because he actually believes his ... Read More »

Will Ron Paul Haunt Rand in 2016?

We don’t pick our parents, and by most any measure, Rand Paul was exceedingly lucky with his. Former GOP Representative and presidential candidate Ron Paul bequeathed to his son a name and a network that propelled his ascent from unknown ophthalmologist to presidential contender in the span of a few short years. But as Rand Paul prepares for a likely ... Read More »

The Hidden Strategy Behind Mitt Romney’s 2016 Campaign Tease

Former aides say new hints that he may run again are about stirring the waters, not winning the nomination Is Mitt Romney for real? Members of Romney’s inner circle remain skeptical that the two-time Republican presidential contender will make a third bid for the White House, even after he told top Republican donors Friday that he was weighing another try ... Read More »