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Political Ignorant Empire; the fashioning of American media.

The media’s role is to get information, deliver it to the audience/viewers and then educate with facts.

Instead the media are thriving on Americans lack of interest and understanding of basic fundamentals of


Politicians and media only need the Americans citizens to just cast their vote and move on until the next


Its very dishearten that citizens of the most economically vibrant nation on earth are politically very


To begin understanding this tragedy, lets use the simple and current political climate and the media

driven opinion polls.

What do we Americans understand when asked if a presidential candidate is trustworthy.

What do the media and pollsters who ask these questions mean when they ask if a presidential

candidate is trustworthy.

These types of gimming the citizens instead of educating them will not sale in most civilized countries of

the world.

IS A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE TRUSTWORTHY? Simply means, will these candidates keep their

campaign promises, will they do most of the thing we heard during the campaign that made us elect

that candidate as president.

It does not mean that he or she will sign USA over to Russia, Steal money and gold from the federal

reserve bank, cheat on their spouse or destroy the very fabric of this great nation.

There will be no debate from the corrupt media as to the real meaning of trustworthiness of a

presidential candidate other than their policies.

If I am right as to the true meaning of trustworthiness in this aspect, let us examine the recent CNN/ORC

poll released earlier this month on the question of honest and trustworthy of the Democratic party

front runner.

According to the poll, 42% of Americans consider her honest and trustworthy, while 57% don’t.

This is very misleading and inaccurate; for this to be non misleading, the poll should only sample the

Democrats, by this I mean the electorates that agree with her policies, but are afraid, do not trust her

that she would keep her campaign promises if elected president.

To pose this question to Republicans or any Independent who in the first place disagrees with her

campaign promises and policies and would never vote for her due to her policies is a political fraud to

say the least.

The only meaningful aspect of this poll is the number of democrats or electorates that would vote for

her but don’t consider her honest and trustworthy.

Honesty and Trustworthiness of a presidential candidate is about the issues and nothing more.

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