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US Foreign Policy Under President Obama?


Election of President Obama no doubt is historic, however, is he any different from his predecessors? The answer is very clear, he is not different from Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr., Regan etc. That Obama could not be distinguished from his predecessors with regards to domestic social, economic and fiscal policies is to most Americans not surprising and thank God for that.

However, President Obama has done everything in his political power to differentiate himself from George Bush foreign policies good or bad. This has led to the situation we see around the globe today.

The most surprising of all “don’t be Bush” is the complete withdrawal of American troops from Iraq; this is unprecedented in the history of this country. We have heard the argument that Shiite led Nouri al-Maliki government wanted America out of Iraq, however, we did not hear any protest from our government because this play in their hand to fulfill their campaign promise of bringing all American troops home from what they called senseless war. The administration didn’t begin negotiations to maintain some American troops until few months before the troops would commence their withdrawals from Iraq.

The majority of Americans now knows that we should not have gone to war with Iraq in the first place, but we did, and we should have maintained our presence and influence there for many years. What would have happened to West Germany, Philippine and South Korea if America had removed their presence from those regions immediately after the end of the wars.

We were told that US troops continued stay in Iraq would have cost America more financial resources and we agree because of the ways America has approached these issues. Time has changed and we have to be smarter than our past approaches, we think an Iraq backed America government would have little argument not to compensate for the cost of protecting such government. Maintaining America’s presence in Iraq would no doubt prevent a great deal of problems; Iran and Syria would have been frightened to their bone with America in their backyards. ISIS would have stopped at the Syrian border and the claim by Iran that they were instrumental in stopping ISIS from taking Bagdad would not have come up.

The current state of affairs in Iraq begs once again for America’s involvement, here we are again participating somehow, so far without preconditions. The question to our government is what are the guarantees that we will not be cast away again after helping and stabilizing that country? We agree America has the privilege and resources to lead but not without looking after its interest.

We know President Obama has called some of the past wars “senseless”, but could he avoid starting one himself. Please America put on your business hat if we need to be fully involved in that part of the world again, because at the end of the day ISIS, Syria, Iraq and Iran will all find reasons to either directly or indirectly make America (The Infidel) their enemy.

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