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Campaign finance is the cancer of this nation. The issue of campaign finance is so outrageous that

resolving it to me is the most critical of all ailments of our nation.

Please ask yourselves, why the media is not talking so much about this legal corruption.

This is the only nation that has changed the meaning and word Bribery to Lobby. If you are pulled over

for a traffic offense and you attempt to lobby/give the police anything in exchange to let you go free.

You will immediately be cuffed and sent to jail.

However, politicians accept money and campaign materials in different form in exchange for the type of

policies they will or will not support. As a consequence, drugs, internet, cable tv, telephones, medical

and auto insurance premium is very expensive in this country.

Every patriotic American should refrain from using the word Lobby and start calling it what it is.

Lobby groups are bribery groups, a lobby firm is a bribery firm. Lobbyist are briberyist.

Have you asked yourself why the media do not talk about this issue? Think about it; the media are the

biggest beneficiary of this cancer.

Politicians allow themselves to be lobbied (bribed) because they want to be elected or reelected. The

most expensive aspect of getting elected is the tv, radio commercial and other form of media

involvement in the campaign.

Therefore, why shoot themselves (the media) on the foot. The only way to get this issue resolved is

through mass involvement. More government own non-profit media outlets, as lest one in every state.

These non-profit media outlets will begin to educate and will not involve in media sensation that always

overblown political gaffes to attract viewers. Most importantly, these media outlets will give equal

opportunity and time to all during elections.

This is the only country you elect a president with a billion dollar. As a consequence only the connected

or supported by the connected can afford to be the president of the greatest nation on planet earth.

We need to give our brilliant and brightest a chance to serve their country; it will not happen under the

present corrupt campaign financing.

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