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Women Rule


 I was reading an article written by Carolyn McClanahan, a physician. She went through the “Binder Full of Women” statement from the last presidential debate. She criticized Mitt Romney for saying that he created flexible schedules to accommodate women and their need to be home with their kids, cook dinner and do whatever it is that women need to do. She went ahead and asked “Where in the society did we get this insane idea that women were supposed to be the only one doing these things?” My answer to her insane question or should I say protest is NATURE. She as a physician should know that there are natural differences between men and women.  These natures created differences, may have also created natural and obvious division of responsibilities between men and women. When I hear these types of statements from some feminist women, I get the impression that they also want men to be pregnant and have babies. God gave women the privilege, right and obligation for the existence of the human race. Our grandparents died and thanks to women, we are predecessors of people that are no longer here. Thanks to women, our children and the children of their children will be here to maintain the existence of the human race. This Sacred obligation and the motherly instinct that flows naturally from women is why they perform the nurturing role of the world. Yes, we are not animals and have evolved since the Homo sapiens, but, if we observe the animals in their natural behaviors, we will see these motherly instincts play out. Observe the females sometimes sacrifice their lives in an effort to feed or protect their newborn. I sincerely understand and respect the feminist movement and women’s right for equality. However, there are things that are out of our hands as humans. There is a very strong natural bond and love between women and their children. This motherly love explains why some women would voluntarily leave a good job to care for their newborn or derive pleasure to be home with their kids, the type of pleasure she will only get from that baby. As for women taken care of their husbands also is the fact that they equally love their husbands as much as their children and see them sometimes as their grown children. I am surprised though, that women are not supporting Mitt Romney. I say this because, Romney represents what we grew-up to believe about what most women would want from their men. Romney as we know is a man who believes in his marriage vows; for better or worse, in sickness or in health, a good provider to his family and community, a good, strong and loving father. These qualities are evident in his wife and five sons, no scandal, very respectful and down to earth in spite of their wealth. We know that Romney is a Mormon (The Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-day Saints), a Christian faith that has some branches such as the Mormon fundamentalism maintaining practices and doctrines such as polygamy. However, Mitt Romney has only one wife and no mistress in spite of his opportunity, money and luxury that to me explains the man’s character. The people who oppose him becoming the next president have made huge issues about his wealth and private company Bain Capital, but let’s ask ourselves is his private company the only thing he has managed. Companies exist to make profit so to unbiased voters, it is not an issue. Mitt Romney was the governor of Massachusetts and ran the Salt Lake Olympic. The question is why haven’t his opponent really impeached his records of these two public aspects of his career. The answer to every reasonable non partisan electorate should be very simple he did a good or satisfactory job and they don’t want to go there. The US Presidency is a public office, therefore Mitt Romney also will do well because he has the experience managing public offices.